Creative Collision is a full-service digital content company specializing in the creation, production and execution of video content for a diverse group of clients. From emerging artists to established brands we service clients across all platforms.

Combining emerging technology and Hollywood storytelling we transcend traditional rules to reach your brand’s audience. It is exactly the moment when innovative thought and experience collide when meaningful new ideas emerge. From your new start-up Identity Video to digital content, we have the ability to develop and execute video campaigns with maximum creative efficiency.


Meet Matt Sinnott..

Matt founded Creative Collision with the goal of helping companies rediscover their brand through video.  After years working in On-Air promo Matt realized the same type of storytelling techniques can be applied to any industry. 

Before Creative Collision Matt worked in post-production creating On-Air Promos for major TV networks such as FX, FOX and CBS.  During this time, he served as a coordinator, writer/producer and project manager for all video projects.  Ensuring all deliverables were completed in a timely manner and delivered to clients per their technical specifications.  

Now, more than ever, it is vital to ask the question “Where is your video content living?”  This is a question Matt asks himself before tackling a project.  From Facebook to YouTube, Snapchat to Instagram, different storytelling techniques are necessary to create engaging content and reach an audience.  

Storytelling has not changed, only the way it’s digested.  Matt’s understanding of this is what excites him before every project.  He thrives on helping brands create their narrative through video.

Meet Dawn Sinko...

Dawn Sinko is an executive producer and Emmy-nominated art director who has deep production experience, from documentaries to scripted television.

Dawn began her career in Toronto working in commercials, drama series and award shows for both CBC and CTV. In Los Angeles, she has worked for Fox, Bravo, MTV, CBS, NBC, ABC, SyFy, ITV and E! to create the look and sets of such shows as Hell’s Kitchen, My Other Life, The Kendra Show and The Girls of Hedsor Hall.

She has also art directed television commercials for clients such as DISH, Albertson’s and McDonald’s, as well as image campaigns for HGTV, Disney and TBS. She has also been able to apply her decorating passion and interior design talents as a designer for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Kitchen Nightmares, Bar Rescue and Gym Rescue.

Dawn also has extensive live production experience. She created several music festivals, produced Social Media Week – LA, a cattle drive for the Hallmark Channel through Times Square and holograms for Guillermo del Toro and Comic Con. She is inspired by the changing landscape of digital entertainment and the new opportunities to showcase brands, most recently creating digital content for The Biggest Loser Club and Biggest Loser Resorts.