Video Services

Over the past year we have worked with numerous companies who were in the early stages of launching their product.  Through video, we created engaging videos that are informative, engaging and exciting. We handle all aspects of the production process form the initial idea to the final edit.

App/Software Trailer - $2,500

Whether you are a new start-up or an established company you need a video that explains your product effortlessly. The Creative Collision App Trailer does that in 2 minutes. 

This powerful tool can be employed at trade shows, training sessions, sales conferences and marketing events. Using a combination of screen capture, stock footage and the perfect music track we can make your app come alive. It is also incredibly valuable to your landing page.

Like all good movie trailers it will entice your audience to learn more. 

Your App Trailer is tailored in tone and pacing to the unique needs of each client and product

Profile Videos - $3,500

Who you are is more relevant today then ever before. Our profile videos take an in depth look into the heart soul and minds of the team behind your company.



Testimonial Videos - $5,000

There is nothing more beneficial to the success of a company than hearing from satisfied customers. It is one thing for YOU to say your product works; and a whole new level to hear it from actual users.


Crowdfunding - $5,000- $10,000

Competition for crowdsourcing in 2017 is fierce. Talking founder heads don't cut it any more! In order to stand out, you need an original concept that engages your viewers and converts them into investors. You need a video that conveys not only the nuts and bolts of your idea, but who your are as a brand and why you will be successful.


Product Shoot - $1,500  ($500 for each additional product)

Your product is more than a box. It has a personality; it has a story. Through video, your product becomes more relatable to your consumer, making them more invested in purchasing it.


Premium/Broadcast Commercial - Contact us for pricing

Sometimes you just need to go BIGGER.  If you are looking for a higher end production, whether its for raising money, showing off your product or just to impress, we can deliver.  These videos utilize top grade equipment, from steady cams to 4K cameras.  During post, we’ll use premium music tracks and custom graphic packages. 



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Additional Services

  • Branding

  • Scripting

  • Logo Creation 

  • Copywriting 

  • Crowdfunding Page Creation

  • Video Editing 

  • Live Producing (Facebook Live)